Review If Saw Palmetto Can Stop Hair Loss

What Is This Natural Herb?

Saw Palmetto is a berry plant that grows naturally along the Atlantic coast, in California and Georgia. Its purple berries were used by native Americans for treating male urinary affections and female breast affections.

Saw Palmetto is also used today, in conjunction with medical treatments, for alleviating the symptoms of BPH or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. However, the use of the plant revealed another benefit which contributed to its growing popularity.

It has been observed that the plant works as an excellent remedy against androgenic alopecia, also known as male-pattern baldness. This kind of hair loss is manifested mostly at the top of the head.


How Saw Palmetto Works

The mechanism of action of the San Palmetto berry extract is believed to be the blockage of an enzyme, 5-alpha-reductase, thus preventing the testosterone to dihydrotestosterone conversion. Dihydrotestosterone is considered one of the main triggers of both BPH and androgenic alopecia. This is why, by inhibiting its formation in the body, these two conditions may enter into remission or at least stagnate.

Although there aren’t relevant studies to confirm its effectiveness in fighting baldness, Saw Palmetto has become one of the most popular natural remedies for hair loss. There is some saw palmetto hair loss reviewsongoing research, however, its results showing that about 60% of the people involved in the study showed some hair regeneration and a slowing down of the hair loss process. This group was compared against another group that received placebo treatment. Although not statistically relevant, this study is at least promising for all those people who would do everything to stop their hair from falling and to reverse the trend.

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San Palmetto’s mechanism of action is the inhibition of DHT, the hormone that promotes hair loss. There are studies that show the effectiveness of Saw Palmetto in inhibiting the DHT production in the body, but no study has effectively linked this to clinically proved hair loss reversal evidence.

Nonetheless, the substance has gained the attention of the medical world, so we can probably expect more studies to be published over the next years.

There are users who claim they saw results within a few months of taking Saw Palmetto on a daily basis, however there are also users who said the administration of this natural herb supplement didn’t make any noticeable difference for them.

The reality is that we are all unique human beings, therefore we may respond differently to various stimuli. A treatment might work great for some people and have no effect whatsoever on others.The same treatment may even harm somebody else. This is why it is important to take everything you read with a grain of salt and not jump into conclusions until you try things for yourself to see how your body behaves and responds.

The Saw Palmetto extract is available as capsules or tablets. Sometimes it may appear as one of the ingredients in products such as Folligen Cream or Revivogen. When used in topical treatments, Saw Palmetto has to be applied every day, followed by a rinse with rosemary or nettle. There are users who said they started to see results within about 10 weeks of treatment.

saw palmetto and thinning hairLike any other medicine or supplement, Saw Palmetto may have side effects that aren’t always the most pleasant of all. Some of the most common side effects noticed in case of oral administration of Saw Palmetto extract tablets or capsules were stomach ache, constipation, nausea, vomiting or, in some cases, halitosis. In very rare cases, Saw Palmetto may cause insomnia, high blood pressure, liver inflammation, headache, jaundice, blood clots or breathing difficulties.

We have to mention here that in all these severe cases, there wasn’t a direct link established between the condition and the administration of Saw Palmetto. However, it’s best to mention everything that’s possible. In case you start your treatment, you should be aware and pay attention to such signs. In case you notice any change in your normal body functioning, you should stop the treatment immediately and seek for medical advice.

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Will This Natural Hair Growth Ingredient Work For You? 

People suffering from hormone-sensitive conditions shouldn’t attempt to take Saw Palmetto without any medical supervision, because they are a high-risk group. If you aren’t sure about this, you

saw palmetto for balding should consult your doctor prior to taking Saw Palmetto or any other natural supplement for that matter. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Your doctor will probably know if you are at risk for developing associated conditions. Having a beautiful and healthy hair is important, but if it happens on the expense of burdening other organs, it may simply not be worth pursuing. Besides, if your body isn’t healthy, it’s very likely that your hair won’t look healthy, too, so you might even do more harm than good by taking medication that makes you sick.

As a Conclusion!

If you’re in great health or if your doctor approves, you may try Saw Palmetto and see for yourself how well it works in your case. Remember, this is not a one size fits all, in any case, as much as we are individuals, each supplement, procedure, process or whatever the case may be affects our bodies differently.

Your body, my body or anyone else body may react differently to what we intake or give our bodies. So when you try something, I would try the natural supplements instead of a laboratory chemical.

If you would like to know more information on this subject then please check out this article at Wikipedia.

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